Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I flew to FL for a week at the end of February. It was so good to see and spend time with my family and friends! While I was home some of the ladies at North Central threw a baby shower for me! It was so sweet of them and so much fun! I was worried about how I was going to get everything home but surprisingly I did!! My camera died during the shower so i only have a few pictures. Enjoy! 

             There were soooo many gift to open! 
  My Nana shared some encouraging words about motherhood! So sweet! 
  Some people didn't believe that was actually scott because he was so fat! 
     They did such a beautiful job at decorating and the food was DELICIOUS! 


  1. Yea! I am so glad you decided to blog! I hope you are doing good and feeling good! I miss you so much!