Monday, August 31, 2009

"Welcome to Tennessee...the patron state of shootin' stuff!"

New, new, new…this has been the story of our lives since my last post! After much prayer, Scott and I decided that we were going to move back to Jackson, TN! Jackson is where we met two years ago! I feel like we have move all over since we’ve been together! Jackson, Orlando, Kansas, and back to Jackson! Let’s just say we’ve become experts in the packing department! While we lived in Kansas we drove the 7 hours to Jackson quite a few times looking at houses! The 3rd week in June we looked at a beautiful, 3b/2b brick house that was built in Feb…it was perfect! We both fell in love with it. We decided to make our offer and prayed they wouldn’t accept unless this was the house for us! When they accepted our offer I was ecstatic!  We moved into our new home july 3rd! I feel so blessed to have a beautiful house and a place to call home for a WHILE!  Kyleigh has her own room and friends call our house the “open house!” We always have people over for dinner and LOVE it! I am really enjoying my new role as home making/hostess! Sometimes I get stressed about having the house perfect (I get that from my motherJ.) However, lately I’ve learned that people know we live here, so why should I try to make it look like no one does?!? 

Kyleigh is an absolute doll!! She is the world’s best baby! She is so expressive and is becoming more independent everyday! Our living room is full of colorful toy and gadgets! Our latest addition is a jumperoo! She LOVES it! It sings a little ditty when she bounces and she can grab and spin everything on it now! I can’t believe how fast the time goes! Here’s the best part about her growing up…..She sleeps 12 HOURS A NIGHT!!! I’m now lying! SCHEDULING ROCKS!! She goes to bed at 8pm and doesn’t wake up till 8am! Every blue moon, she’ll wake up at 6 or 7 but still!! I LOVE IT! I’ve even got a video monitor so I can watch her put herself to sleep! I told you she was the best baby!  Well anyways, Scott and started school fulltime again(yay) and I’m waiting to hear if I got into the nursing program this Jan! Here are some cute pictures of our sweet sweet baby girl!