Sunday, May 24, 2009

Please pray for my recovery!

On the afternoon of april 30, I started having some contractions. Nothing to be concerned about so you can imagine my surprise when my water broke at 6:45 p.m. Thankfully, scott and I have just walked in the door to our apartment from a trip to babies r' us. We called my doctor, finished packing our suitcase and left for the hospital. We hadn't had a chance to eat dinner and we were both starving. I knew i couldn't eat once i was in the hospital so we decided to stop for a quick bite. scott didn't want to take too long so he just stopped at a gas station for some snacks. I told him to just pick something for me. He went in and came out with 20 dollars worth of drinks and snacks!! this made me laugh! We obviously didn't think things through and by the time we got to the hospital my pants were SOAKED! I checked in at 8:45 and was only 3 cm dilated so we settled in for a long night. After a few laps around the hospital I was ready for the epidural and finally got it at 3 am! I was only 5 cm so they told us to try and get some sleep. At around 6 am my nurse and a few others woke me up to move me on my side. Apparently, Kyleigh's heart beat was dropping really low with each contraction and they thought she might be on the umbilical cord. This went on till about 7:15 and then the doctor on call came in to tell us that they were going to do a c-section. I was 7 cm and she was worried kyleigh was in too much distress. We were in the operating room 45 minutes later. weighing in at 6lbs. 13 oz and 18 in long... kyleigh kate wohlers was born at 8:11 am on may 1, 2009!! My recovery from the surgery has not been easy. After i left the hospital I developed an infection in my incision. My doctor put me on some antibiotic and i thought things were getting better. At my appt a week later my doc said that if i didn't get better soon she would have to open my incision up again and let it heal from the inside out. She said this is a painful operation and would prolong my recovery by 6 weeks!! I am asking you for your prayers right now! I can't imagine having to start all over again while having a newborn at home! I am on a new antibiotic and go see my doctor this thursday to find out what she is going to do. I know that the Lord is in control and His will is perfect! I greatly appreciate all who will and are already praying for me! I will keep you updated when i know more! I love you all! 

Friday, May 22, 2009

Kyleigh Kate

I CANNOT believe that Kyleigh is 3 weeks old already!! She has grown SO much! When we left the hospital she was 6lbs 8oz and at her doctor's appt a week ago she was 7lbs 13oz! I think we're gonna have a little chub on our hands! She is getting stronger everyday! she can hold her head up and opening her eyes all the time now! She had her days and nights mixed up and was keeping us awake all night but i think she's almost got back to normal now. one time she slept for 4 HOURS in between feedings! What a nice treat for mommy and daddy! :) She poops at least 8 times a day so we are thankful that she LOVES her bath time! My family came and stayed with me for two weeks after she was born. My mom for the first (dad, jen, and jerre came for a few days while mom was here) and rachel for the second week. They were such life savers! My recovery has not been easy and i don't think scott and I would have survived without them for those first two weeks! I LOVEd having them here and miss them terribly! There is no doubt that Kyleigh will be the most spoiled girl in the world! Well, here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks!
                First Bath at home! 
             Rachel dressed her up like a boxer! 
                       She LOVES aunt rae rae

            I went to the bathroom after her feeding and came back to find this...PRICELESS!