Monday, June 29, 2009

Two months old already!?!

               TWO MONTHS OLD!!

Where does the time go?!? During my pregnancy, I felt like time was CRAWLING...I could never seem to get the days to go by fast enough! It was the LONGEST 37 weeks of my life(so far.) Today, I feel like the days just fly! I'm feel a lot busier now that Kyleigh is here, yet some days I don't accomplish  anything! I can't believe she is already two months old! It has been the hardest, most rewarding two months of my life! I absolutely LOVE being a mother and I've been blessed with the most wonderful daughter in the world! She has just learned to smile and giggle a little. Scott, being the playful dad, figured out that she loves it when we stick our tongues out at her. She even does it back to us...yes, we are teaching our sweet little girl that it is ok to stick her tongue out at people! :) I couldn't stop laughing yesterday when i noticed Kyleigh sticking her tongue out at the animals on her mobile! I'm sure she was quite disappointed when they didn't play along! 

           She gets so excited when we stick our tongues out at her

                      Concentrating so hard

                                  "I did it mom!"

Monday, June 8, 2009

Recovery Report!

I finally saw my doctor this past thursday and I'm happy to report that my infection is gone!!! This is such an answer to prayer!!! I don't know what i would've done if they would have cut me open again! Since I'm almost FINALLY recovered Kyleigh and I are coming FLORIDA TOMORROW!!! Sadly scott has to work and won't be joining us for this trip! Other than missing my sweetheart...I'm so excited for kyleigh to meet all of you in fl!! I've told her all about you! :) My mom is beside herself with excitement! I asked her if she could take care of her one night while i'm home so i can sleep for more than 3 hours at a time and she happily agreed! YAY!!! :) I can't wait for Kyleigh to meet her great-great grandmother (Dede) and her great grandmother (nana)! Kyleigh is almost 6 weeks old and it's about time she met them! :) I miss all my family and friends and will be so excited to be reunited with them for a few days!