Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Switching Roles!

So I've been trying to be a good all the cooking and try and keep the apt clean as much as possible! Well, it came time to start cooking dinner tonight and scott said that he wanted to give me a break and made dinner all by himself and it was delicious! He made home-made potato soup! He got the recipe from one of the cookbooks we got as a wedding gift! It was so sweet of him to give me a break and kick me out of the kitchen for a night! What a wonderful hubby! I just love him! 

He's wearing the apron Mrs. Katherine Cheshire made for me! :) 

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Six Months down!

So I can finally tell myself that I'm over half way there! I reached my 24th week a few days ago! My leg cramps have gone away for now and I've had more energy lately! I am hungry all the time! So far my cravings have been for: Pickles, strawberry milkshakes, Dr. Pepper, and oreos! Don't worry these have all been consumed separately...I haven't asked for pickles in my milkshake yet :) Scott is so great about everything! My hormones have been going crazy! This morning Scott put some of his clothes in the washing machine. He kindly asked me if i would stick them in the dryer while he was in the shower. Being the dutiful wife that i am, i gladly agreed and did so. After the dyer stopped scott got some clothes out and realized they weren't fully dry and needed a little bit longer. He found me in the kitchen(big surprise) and simply wanted to inform me that the clothes don't fully dry unless on the "very dry" cycle. For some reason I was "extra extra" sensitive and took his advice as a blow to my domestic abilities! Then came the "water works!" I couldn't make the tears stop! I knew that scott was not attacking me at all but just the comment about how i put it on the wrong cycle made the tears surface! I was so embarrassed that more tears started flowing! I finally got control of myself and scott and I started busting out laughing! We laughed so hard! I am not a tearful takes a lot for me to cry! Not lately! I cry at the drop of a hat! Scott is so great about being sensitive to that and helping me laugh at myself! He's so great! 

Here's a pic of my belly! Kyleigh is so so active! I felt her kick for the first time right before I can hardly go an few hours without feeling her! It's so cool to watch my belly jump when she kicks it hard! Athlete!?! Hope so!!  

Sunny Saturday!

Well, it snowed yesterday and temperatures dropped to 9 degrees. However, we woke up this morning to warmer temps and a bright sun melting it all away :(
This is the outside of our apartment building with all the melting snow :( 

The weather channel predicts that we are going to get some more snow this week. I love the snow! I want it to snow as much as possible! 

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Here are some pictures of our new apt in Kansas. Please keep in mind that I'm still in the process of decorating. As you'll see, I've got a lot of wall space to fill! I decided not to paint since we're only going to be here for 6 beware of the white! 

          Our tiny Dining room. Scott's parents gave us this kitchen table(what a blessing!) we just need to pick up the rest of the chairs! The window ceil in the background is currently a storage shelf until i figure out where to put those things. 

                                                  Our Little Kitchen 
                                                                        Living Room
            We got a wii as a wedding gift...we play it all the time...scott is enjoying wii football

Our new Bedroom suit. I have a lot to do all over our apt but I thought you (esp you mom) would enjoy seeing some pictures. Decorating is not my forte but it will keep me busy for a while till we make some good friends here. Please feel free to make suggestions...I need to add color in a cheap way so if you know of any don't hesitate to tell me! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bloggers Bug

Well, I've finally given into the bloggers bug! I have always enjoyed surfing the blogs of people I know, reading post and looking at pictures! My circumstances now allow me to create one and hopefully(fingers-crossed) keep it updated! Since I'm now 20 hours away from all my family, I'm not much of a phone talker and Scott is working now, I hope this will be a good way to keep everyone updated on us through Wohlers World (yeah we've even got the appropriate rhyming title to our know you like it.) I'll probably put some pictures up soon of our new home once I: a.) finish unpacking  b.) find my camera  c.) figure out how to post pictures!