Monday, April 20, 2009

Empathy Belly!

We are taking a childbirth prep class to help "prep" us for all the excitement to come in the next few weeks. We've both learned a lot and have really had fun in the class! During one of the classes all the dads had to wear an "Empathy Belly" and try doing different things. All of us pregnant women really enjoyed watching our partners try to "get out of bed"...pick up a pen...tie their shoes ect. Hoping they would have a better understanding of what we feel and how hard it can be!! Here are some funny pics i snapped of scott during his 5 mins of pregnancy! 

        Too bad mine doesn't snap off! 
                        Pregnant Pose
           Trying to get comfy on the "bed"...where's that body pillow when you need it!?! 


  1. Kat, these crack me up! I love it!

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  3. Trying again. Im new at this.
    We are so excited to meet Kyleigh! I told your mom to get packed it could be any time. Im praying for you to have a smooth and quick delivery. Love you, Aunt Stacy