Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kyleigh ???? Wohlers

I love names that have some sort of family or sentimental value. Because my mother's name is Kelly Leigh and mine is Katherine Leigh, I wanted to continue the "tradition" of a "K" and "Leigh." Kyleigh just fits...i think it's prefect! However, I'm having the hardest time picking a middle name. Right now, my top choices are a) Kate b) Elizabeth c)Grace. I'm just stuck! I need your help! Please feel free to suggest more options or vote for the three above. 


The past few weeks have held some exciting change for us! Scott got a job! Yay! This has been a burden on us for a while since we needed to find something that offered medical benefits asap! On our way to kansas scott got a call to interview for a managers position at a local chick-fil-a in kansas. After a few interviews they offered him the job with full benefits! What a blessing! We would both like to go back and finish our degrees so we're not sure how long he'll be working there, but we are so so thankful that the Lord has taken care of us and know He always will! :) Scott is so cute! He has the funniest stories when he comes home from work. The other day he got to dress up as the cow!!! How fun!

More good news: We have been visiting a church up here (heartland) and absolutely love it! I had lunch with the director of the women's ministry last week to talk to her about ways for me to become more involved. She got me in contact with the leader of a small group of expecting and new mothers. I'm really looking forward to going to their next gathering! There's just something about being around other pregnant women when you're pregnant. We'll have lots to talk about! :) I am never out of questions! I want to be as prepared as i can for when Kyleigh comes!