Thursday, January 22, 2009

Here are some pictures of our new apt in Kansas. Please keep in mind that I'm still in the process of decorating. As you'll see, I've got a lot of wall space to fill! I decided not to paint since we're only going to be here for 6 beware of the white! 

          Our tiny Dining room. Scott's parents gave us this kitchen table(what a blessing!) we just need to pick up the rest of the chairs! The window ceil in the background is currently a storage shelf until i figure out where to put those things. 

                                                  Our Little Kitchen 
                                                                        Living Room
            We got a wii as a wedding gift...we play it all the time...scott is enjoying wii football

Our new Bedroom suit. I have a lot to do all over our apt but I thought you (esp you mom) would enjoy seeing some pictures. Decorating is not my forte but it will keep me busy for a while till we make some good friends here. Please feel free to make suggestions...I need to add color in a cheap way so if you know of any don't hesitate to tell me! 


  1. Hey girl! Welcome to blogging! What are ya'll in Kansas for? Your wedding pictures are beautiful... very exciting. =)

  2. Hey Brittney! Thank you! We moved to Kansas for Scott's job. Not sure how long we're gonna be here. I hope you're doing well!

  3. Hey girl. The apt looks awesome. I know that some of my friends got some cheap movie posters online for their living rooms and those took up a lot of room and made it not look so empty. Hope everything is going well!